HTH Live Kitchen with Thomas Herman

Herman experiments with the traditional Danish dish rødgrød

Thursday, May 18, 2023

At 16:00

The Orangery

Experience the eminent Danish chef, cookbook author and TV host Thomas Herman talk about his Tivoli adventure with the opening of restaurant Herman at Nimb in 2008.

He wanted to create a Danish-inspired gourmet restaurant that would serve new interpretations of classic Danish dishes. The project succeeded beyond all expectations - just 10 months after opening, the restaurant received a Michelin star.

Hear Thomas talk about his love for food and the classic Danish dishes and about all the difficulties that follow when opening a Michelin restaurant. While he talks, he will make one of his dishes from restaurant Herman: rødgrød with pickled beetroot and beetroot crudité. He takes the classic Danish dish rødgrød med fløde (berry porridge with cream) and lifts it to a new level.

Come and be inspired when Thomas talks, cooks, and amuse in the Live Kitchen.