HTH Live Kitchen with Sherry & Flamenco

Come along for musical sherry tasting

Saturday, May 20, 2023

At 18:00

The Orangery

Discover the mythical sherry wines from the Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera. The strong wine from southern Spain has been somewhat forgotten for some years, but that's a shame since sherry can offer great taste experiences!

This is not a traditional sherry tasting though, but more of a full sensory experience. In Andalusia they say that you can taste the music and listen to the wine. Here you will experience a tasting, where sherry, music and dance unite.

Chef and actor Thorbjørn Carl Hjalager, who knows the culinary secrets of Spain, takes us through the universe of sherry - from the crispy Fino to the sweet PX. During the tasting, singer Rasmus Dissing and guitarists Nikolaj Rosengreen and Lasse Grøftehauge will form the soundtrack, while flamenco dancer Kirstine Hastrup sets the atmosphere.

Rasmus Dissing - son of Povl Dissing - carries a great legacy from his father rooted in the Danish song culture. By letting Danish song meet flamenco, with great respect for both traditions, he puts his own personal signature on well-known Danish songs with new interpretations.

Join us on a magical sherry journey that awakens all the senses.