HTH Live Kitchen with Rasmus Fisker

Masterchef winner juggles with fish

Saturday, May 20, 2023

At 12:00

The Orangery

Watch the winner of Masterchef Denmark 2021 Rasmus Fisker work with fish in all forms in the Live Kitchen.

Rasmus’ big passion is food from the sea, which is why he had the dogma in Masterchef to always cook fish if it was possible – and that dogma made him the winner of Masterchef that year. Rasmus therefore knows all about how delicious fish can be - and it doesn't have to be that difficult to prepare it.

In the Live Kitchen, Rasmus will share his experience and show us how, by using simple tricks, you can cook different types of fish so that they taste heavenly. Fish can do so much more than the two or three dishes we typically make.

Learn about the wonderful universe of fish and how you can prepare different dishes with the help of new techniques and by using some of the more unknown fish species that are available. They can provide amazing taste experiences and can be a more sustainable choice of food for our planet.