HTH Live Kitchen with Nils Flatmark

Fish and vegetables with award-winning Norwegian chef

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

At 17:00

The Orangery

Experience the award-winning Norwegian chef Nils Flatmark perform magic with fish in the Live Kitchen.

The 26-year-old chef from Trondheim is part of the Norwegian national team for chefs and has already won an impressive number of awards, including Nordic and Olympic Master of Cooking, Gull Green Chef of the Year and has been awarded with the Cordon Bleu honorary award. He has previously worked in Denmark at Restaurant Radio in Copenhagen and today works as sous chef at the 5-star Hotel Britannia in Trondheim.

Nils is passionate about local ingredients and uses many vegetables in his kitchen, where he always works to preserve the natural taste of the ingredients. In the Live Kitchen, he will focus on seasonal fish, shellfish, and vegetables as well as Norwegian dairy products when he prepares a fantastic halibut from Sterling White Halibut.