HTH Live Kitchen with Karen-Elisabeth Gadtoft

Taste Gigi Hadid's favourite dish

Friday, May 19, 2023

At 14:00

The Orangery

In 2019 Karen-Elisabeth Gadtoft won the Danish tv-program The Food Fight (Maddysten) and has since become known for her budget-friendly recipes and food ideas, which she diligently shares on Instagram and TikTok.

One dish in particular has made her world-famous after supermodel Gigi Hadid named it her favourite dish on TikTok. Come and experience Karen-Elisabeth cooking the popular dish when she visits the Live Kitchen.

The dish is a wonderful and creamy pasta dish with tomato sauce flavoured with vodka, parmesan cheese, and cream. It is easy to make and consists of simple ingredients, so you can easily follow the recipe at home in your own kitchen. Karen-Elisabeth will also make the most delicious bruschetta with filling.

Come and taste the world-famous dish and take home a lot of good advice.