HTH Live Kitchen with Glean

Taste a Danish flødebolle – vegan style

Sunday, May 21, 2023

At 18:00

The Orangery

Join us when Glean makes the most delicious vegan flødebolle in the Live Kitchen. A flødebolle is a traditional dessert eaten in Denmark, usually consisting of a waffle base topped with fluffy white foam of whipped egg whites and sugar and coated with chocolate.

In Glean’s vegan variation, the egg white has been replaced with a new and innovative ingredient called Aquafaba. Aqaufaba is actually just the water from boiled chickpeas, but it can be whipped to achieve the same consistency as foamy whipped egg whites.

The chickpea water is normally a waste product that is thrown away, but it can easily be used in cooking, and this is exactly what Glean specializes in - especially in the sweet kitchen.

Come and hear them talk about Aquafaba, learn different ways to use it in your cooking, and taste their fantastic handmade flødebolle.