HTH Live Kitchen with Contempehrary

Nordic Tempeh from Odsherred

Saturday, May 13, 2023

At 18:00

The Orangery

Come and taste an amazing green alternative to meat when Contempehrary invites you on a sensory journey, where ancient Indonesian fermentation methods meet our wonderful Nordic ingredients.

Behind Contempehrary are Sabine and Tobias, who discovered the delicious Indonesian tempeh when they lived in Bali. Tempeh is a plant-based product that is traditionally made from fermented soybeans. When the couple returned to Denmark, they brought the recipe for tempeh with them, but replaced soybeans with traditional Danish crops such as horse beans, peas, and grains.

Based in Odsherred, they have developed a fantastic plant-based and sustainable product made from local and organic ingredients. It both satiates and nourishes, can be used in countless ways, and offers a variety of taste experiences.

In the Live Kitchen, they will make delicious taste samples and give inspiration on how you can easily make tasty, plant-based dishes that tastes wonderful.