HTH Live Kitchen with Cakenhagen and Tivoli cake

Learn how to make the iconic danish classic

Sunday, May 14, 2023

At 14:00

The Orangery

Watch the two pastry chefs from Cakenhagen, Nichole Jensen and Amy-Louise Alexander, make the historic and iconic Tivoli Cake.

Get the recipe for the Danish classic cake and learn the techniques behind it, so you can impress with the wonderful cake with apple and rum in your own home.

The cake consists of a crispy shortcrust pastry base with whipped cream and seasoned apple compote, topped with a lid of meringue dipped in rum cream and decorated on top with a circle of fruit jelly.

Cakenhagen opened in 2017 and is Tivoli's heaven for everyone with a sweet tooth. It is a classic Danish patisserie with a seductive French twist. At Cakenhagen, the most skilled pastry chefs are always ready to indulge your hunger for sweets.