From Saturday, August 26, 2023 - Sunday, September 10, 2023

This year, haute couture paper cutter Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen has created the artwork "FLORAL FLOWER FANTASY," which spans over 10 meters and climbs several meters up the wall in the Rotunda on the first floor of Tivoli's Concert Hall.

When Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen is tasked with creating whimsical set designs for French brands Hermès or Dior, enchanting Easter decorations for Royal Copenhagen, or stylistic spiders for Georg Jensen, she knows she must let go and trust that the ideas will come to her. As she begins to select paper and compose a color palette, it's as if the artworks drape themselves naturally, and slowly, out of her hands, flora, fauna, and captivating fables emerge. Just as it has happened in the creation of "Floral Flower Fantasy."

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the gigantic paper flowers.

Date: 26. August - 10. September 2023
Time: All of Tivoli opening hours
Place: 1. flor in Rotunden at the end of Koncertsalen