HTH Live Kitchen with Cakenhagen and “Årets Kage”

Pastry chef Iris Kamilla ísaksdóttir and her cake contribution

Sunday, May 29, 2022

At 15:00

The Concert Hall front

Meet Cakenhagen’s own pastry chef Iris Kamilla ísaksdóttir and hear her talk about her contribution to the pastry competition “Årets kage” 2022. Iris will be demonstrating how to spray a cake with cocoa butter on a professional pastry competition level. Once it’s finished, you will also be able to sample the cake.

Cakenhagen is Tivoli’s own Danish patisserie with a French twist. Find it in two locations, one accessible from Vesterbrogade and the other inside the Tivoli Gardens.

Please note that all of the festival events are in Danish.

When: May 29
Where: HTH Live Kitchen