Live Kitchen with Cakenhagen patisserie

Pastry chef Frederik Holst Benthin shares some techniques from the pastry competition Lækkerier Prisen

Sunday, May 15, 2022

At 15:00

The Concert Hall front

Meet Cakenhagen’s own pastry chef Frederik Holst Benthin. He recently took part in Lækkerier Prisen, a pastry competition held by a Danish pastry magazine and he will be talking about the cake he entered with. This year’s theme was “contrasts” and so Frederik will be demonstrating some of the techniques and flavours that went into creating his entry. Expect a tangy kefir mousse and basil pesto, among other things.

Cakenhagen is Tivoli’s own Danish patisserie with a French twist. Find it in two locations, one accessible from Vesterbrogade and the other inside the Tivoli Gardens.