Laser symphonie show on the Tivoli concert hall facade

Magical laser light universe every 15 minutes from 17.30 until closing hours.

From Friday, January 31, 2020 - Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Gardens

Every 15 minutes from twilight until the Gardens close, experience a laser symphony being projected onto the facade of the Concert Hall.

If you pay close attention, you might discover that the color gamut in several places is based on the global average temperatures of the last 170 years - and not least their increases.

The work was composed by the light collaboration Båll & Brand (DK) and the accompanying music is by Robotic Folk (LT).

Robotic Folk is the classical composer and art professor Jonas Jurkūnas. With Robotic Folk, Jurkūnas delves into electronic folk compositions, based on a future in which robots explore artifacts from an extinct, human civilization.

The light collaboration Båll & Brand is behind several, so called "silent" lightworks in both Denmark and abroad.