Children's Choir Days in Tivoli

Trills, tralalas and a real hullaballoo

From Saturday, September 26, 2020 - Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Gardens

This weekend we celebrate the fifth annual Children's Choir Days in Tivoli, so expect the Open Air Stage to hum with the joyous singing of many talented children and young people. During the afternoons, Tivoli visitors will be able to hear children's choirs from all over the country.

Due to Covid-19, the choirs will be sized in such a way so that the distance requirements of two meters between the singers can be met.
We look forward to enjoying the lovely sounds of the choirs - while taking care of each other.

Due to Covid-19, there is a maximum number of spectators of 500 seated guests at the Open-Air Stage. Benches and chairs are available, but you are also welcome to bring your own rug.


11.30 Nordisk Sceneskole Musicalkor
12.05 Søndersøskolens Børnekor
12.40 Plantekoret
15.00 Count Me In / Singing Rainbow
15.35 Frederiksberg Sogns Juniorkor
16.10 Teen- og Juniorkoret fra Insitut Sct. Joseph
17.30 Comotio Ensemble
18.05 Fredensborg Slotskirkes Pigekor

12.15 Østerbro Musikskoles Kor - hold 1
12.50 Østerbro Musikskoles Kor - hold 2
13.25 Præsebro / Sct. Lucas Kirke Juniorkor
15.00 Hillerød Kirkes Juniorkor
15.35 Børnekoret Stjerneskuddene
16.10 Junior Gospel Singers
17.30 Young Stars & Little House of Singers