Rasmus Klump and the Grumpy Snowman

Follow Rasmus Klump and Flora on their journey to Pingonesia

From Friday, February 1, 2019 - Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Glass Hall Theatre

Rasmus Klump and Flora set out on a journey to Pingonesia, where their good friend Pingo is waiting for them.
During their journey to Pingonesia, they hit land – and discover that something peculiar is going on.
Wasn't that someone moving, or perhaps talking? This requires further investigation.
Maybe someone needs help from Rasmus Klump and Flora!

Come and see if they make it through, and whether they eventually reach Pingo in Pingonesia.

The show is in Danish.

It costs 1 Ride Ticket (30 DKK) or Unlimited Rides Ticket Plus to get admission.
If you have a Tivoli Pass, you can bring up to 2 children (3-7 years) free of charge for the show and up to 4 children (3-7 years) with a Tivoli Gold Pass.

After the performance in the Glass Hall Theatre, you can come and meet Pingo – as well as Rasmus Klump and Flora, if they've made it.
They'll be ready to offer hugs on the Open Air Stage in Pingonesia.