Choir Days in Tivoli

Captivating choir arrangements in the Gardens

From Saturday, May 4, 2019 - Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Gardens

Tivoli is celebrating community singing for the 11th year in a row, and is inviting choirs from near and far to perform under the open sky at the Orangery, the Pantomime Theatre and on the Open Air Stage.

You can look forward to pleasing rhythms and inspiring singing, with a huge variety of choirs interpreting music genres from all over the world: from rock, pop and musicals to barbershop, ballads and classical melodies.

On 4 and 5 May 2019, allow yourself to drift away on the gorgeous melodies and splendid rhythms as the choir singers take over Tivoli and fill the Gardens with their voices.

Choir Days in Tivoli is organised in collaboration with Kor72.


Saturday 4. Maj
11.50 Campus Koret
12.30 Bel Canto Koret
13.10 Ydunkoret
15.10 Spejderhagl
15.50 Blue Covers
16.30 Verdens Sirener
17.10 Vindingekoret

The Pantomime Theater
11.50 Takt og Tone
12.30 Why Not
13.10 Sorø Akademis Pigekor
13.50 Glostrup Musikor
15.10 Vocal Frostbite
15.50 Overlund Skolekor
16.30 Sorø Underholdningskor

The Open Air Stage
12.10 Eventyrkoret
12.50 Sangskaderne
13.30 Køge Bugt Koret
14.10 Juelsminde Kirkekor
15.20 VoiceZone
16.00 UNITED
16.40 Bryggens Kor
17.20 Kuhlaukoret

Sunday 5. Maj
11.50 Telekoret København
12.30 Copenhagen Hot Notes
13.10 Visible Voices
13.50 Koriosum
15.10 Cantus Koret, HK Hovedstaden
15.50 Vocal Inc.
16.30 AmaCantus
17.10 DramaturGlee
17.50 ACE Performance Singers

The Pantomime Theater
11.50 Ambitus
12.30 Københavns Postkor
13.10 Coret
13.50 Københavns Politi Sangkor
15.10 Ørestad Kor
15.50 Dansk Vandrelaugs Kor – DVL Sangkredsen
16.30 Tågelund Koret
17.10 Vallensbæk Koret

The Open Air Stage
12.10 Claudius-koret
12.50 KlapperSangerne
13.30 Hundigekoret
14.10 Råcreme
15.20 Sankt Annæ Gymnasiums Familiekor
16.00 Rockkoret
16.40 Kor Der Rykker
17.20 Nørrebrokoret