Thriving rehearsal space music

July 16

At 19:00

The Orangery

Like a dandelion blooming through asphalt, APHACA emerges with music that demands to be heard. The four friends Rumle, Bertram, Bertil, and Noah met at Det Frie Gymnasium in Copenhagen, and the band name is inspired by the yellow plant's Latin designation and Det Frie's logo. United by a shared passion for music, they create an immediate, timeless sound with lyrics rooted in the nerve of youth.

With releases like Flora Flora and ET AAR UDEN DIG, they have simmered in the Danish underground scene. Their latest single Til Solen Er Sort was recorded at the legendary Gula Studio in Malmö, where several of their songs have taken shape. APHACA is known for their unique sound, blending boy choir harmonies, 70s synthesizers, acoustic guitar, and drums that sound as if they come straight from the rehearsal room.


July 16
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