Stella Polaris presents Kirakingkong and ValDeMar

Chill-out with Stella Polars at Tivoli Garden Party

Friday, July 5, 2024

At 16:00

The Pergola

Stella Polaris might be the world's biggest free chill-out music event. The Danish festival was founded in 1997 in Aarhus and focuses on ambient, electronica and other forms of electronic music.

Stella Polaris is known for holding wonderful concerts under the open sky, and now they are moving onto the Pergola stage in Tivoli. Here, Stella Polaris will curate a program full of DJs who’ll send out calm, loving and warm soundwaves to the audience. Come and chill with Stella Polaris on Fridays in June, July and August at Havefest in Tivoli (Tivoli Garden Party).