Tivoli Jazz Award 2023

Tivoli Jazz Award - a tribute to performing jazz musicians

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

At 18:30

The Glass Hall Theatre

On a wonderful summer evening in Tivoli Gardens, you can experience 5 different musical events with some of the nation’s leading jazz musicians in concert with the Tivoli Ensemble at the Glass Hall Theatre.
Jazz journalist and radio presenter at P8 Jazz, Naya Buric, will be the evening’s hostess and will guide us through the amazing award ceremony concerts, sharing stories from the world of jazz.
Later the evening offers a true jazz jam session in the beautifully blooming gardens, namely in the Anniversary Garden.

The Tivoli Jazz Prize has been awarded annually as a solo prize since 2020. This evening, the prize will be relaunched in partnership with the jazz association JazzDanmark to include grants from a total of five foundations.

The event will include the following prizes and award sponsors:
Musician of the Year – William Demant Foundation
Orchestra of the Year – William Demant Foundation
Jean Rene Daugaard Legat
Ben Webster Foundation
Bent Jædig Legat

The award ceremony marks the end of Tivoli Gardens’ Wednesday jazz programme for 2023, which presents Danish jazz profiles in association with the Tivoli Ensemble and conductor Peter Jensen.

JazzDanmark is a non-profit organisation that promotes awareness and appreciation of jazz in Denmark as well as Danish jazz abroad. The organisation is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation in addition to private foundations.

Reserve the evening and join us for a unique event in Tivoli Gardens where jazz music will be celebrated in amazing surroundings! Read more at jazzdanmark.dk.