Thursday, July 7, 2022

At 20:00

The Orangery

Bagland is a quintet consisting of five musicians that are strongly rooted in the Scandinavian sound. The music is inspired by the desolate and open Nordic landscape, where lyrical melodies characterize the compositions. At the same time, Bagland works with an electronic sound, which explores the genre's framework with synthesizer, effect pedals and electric bass and taps into a playful electronic universe, which still has clear references rooted in their Nordic sound. Bagland has just released their fourth album States of Being, which dives deeper into the electronic sound.

Since its debut release Bagland in 2015, conductor Jakob Sørensen has been awarded the North Jutland Jazz Name of the Year award and nominated for a Danish Music Award. In 2016, the sequel “NOMAD” was released, which gathered both national and international recognition.

We can’t wait to dream our way into Bagland's beautiful Scandinavian soundscapes when they play at the Orangeriet in Tivoli on the 7th July.