Mathæus Bech

Thursday, July 8, 2021

At 19:00

The Orangery

At the age of 13, Mathæus Bech experienced a concert that would change his life forever. From that point on, there was no doubt: he wanted to be a musician. 12 years later he is now celebrating that dreams really do come true! With his debut album Optimist, he reflects on the journey from childhood dream to reality.

He unites his love for jazz, folk and classical music and blur the lines between the genres in an empathetic and bright manner. He strives towards continuing the proud Danish tradition of virtuosic bass soloists and wants to show a new generation of music lovers, that the double bass also does well on the front of the stage.

Experience Mathæus Bech in trio when they visit the Orangery in collaboration with Jazzhus Montmartre.