Cornelia Nilsson Trio

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

At 19:00

The Orangery

At the age of just 27, the Swedish drummer Cornelia Nilsson has already made a prominent career and played with names such as the iconic Kenny Barron on a tour in Madrid. On this evening in Tivoli, where she has just received the Tivoli Jazz Prize 2021, she plays with her own trio consisting of saxophonist Gabor Bolla and bassist Anders Fjeldsted.

As a drummer, she possesses a completely unique groove and has an amazing ability to keep the pot boiling from the first to the last beat. With great passion, humility, and deep integrity, she takes elegant leadership over the music and manages to create a rhythmic flow that rides on an endless wave of swing.

Look forward to be riding on Cornelia Nilsson's award-winning, rhythmic waves when the trio unfolds in the Orangery in Tivoli during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.