Patricia Petibon & Susan Manoff

It's always a special experience when Patricia Petibon is on stage; not content with merely being a dazzling virtuoso, she also manages like few others to communicate her music beyond the stage to the audience.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

At 20:00

The Glass Hall Theatre

18 August at 20.00 in the Glass Hall. Patricia Petibon presents music from her new album called “L’amour, la mort, la mer” which is a personal tale of grief, travel and loneliness. She moves effortlessly from one register to another and between different languages and styles.

She puts her music together in a completely personal way: The unknown Jean Cras along with John Lennon. The classic Fauré with modern Escaich, Spanish Granados with Breton Tiersen. And the result ends up being Patricia Petibon's very own sound! Her collaboration with pianist Susan Manoff is a perfect example of how good music comes out of friendships - and vice versa.

Featuring: Patricia Petibon, soprano, Susan Manoff, piano.