Mames Babegenush

Authentic Eastern European folk music meets Nordic soundscapes.

Monday, August 17, 2020

At 22:00

The Glass Hall Theatre

17 August at 22.00 in the Glass Hall. For the past 15 years Danish Mames Babegenush have performed their klezmer music all over the world, not least Carnegie Hall in New York, the Bergen Festival and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. In Denmark they have collaborated with the Copenhagen Opera Festival, combining opera music and folk music together with Gitta Maria Sjöberg and Henrik Goldschmidt.

The listener is brought into a universe where authentic Eastern European folk music is interpreted through Nordic and Impressionist soundscapes. On their fifth and most recent album “Mames Babegenush with Strings”, they join forces with Nordic string quartet LiveStrings. Mames Babegenush describe themselves as a live band, and although the music is of course written and composed in advance, it only finds its final form when it is performed in front of an audience. Never more so than on "Mames Babegenush with Strings", which is recorded in front of a live audience. It helps give the album an authenticity and a nerve that is hard to achieve in a studio.

The inspiration for "Mames Babegenush with Strings" is found in Eastern European folk music and in classical music from the Nordic countries. The style on the album is an eclectic mix of traditional Eastern European folk songs and the band's own songs, which have a markedly more Nordic sound. Encompassing everything from the sound of Nordic winter melancholy to ecstatic and joyful music of an Eastern European wedding.

Featuring: Emil Goldschmidt, clarinet, Nicolai Kornerup, accordion, Andreas Møllerhøj, double bass, Bo Rande, grand piano horn, Lukas Rande, saxophones, Morten Ærø, percussion and cymbal.