ONE HUNDRED - A Tribute To Charlie Parker

100 minutes of jazz

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

At 19:30

The Glass Hall Theatre

This evening is dedicated to one of the most admired and mythological figures of jazz, Charlie Parker aka Bird! Charlie Parker was born exactly 100 years ago. It was never on the cards that he would grow old, and sadly he died at the age of just 34. Yet his music lives on! Miles Davis once said: ”You can tell the history of jazz in four words: Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker”!
With his saxophone and legendary playing style, he set the bar high for jazz and remains a source of inspiration for jazz musicians everywhere, regardless of instrument. This concert is a tribute to him.

The Tivoli Ensemble – Rasmus Kihlberg, drums, Ole Skipper, bass, and Steen Rasmussen, piano – form the heart of tonight's concert and they have invited a range of soloists on stage with them. You can meet Christina von Bülow, Jacob Fischer, Benjamin Koppel, Jan Harbeck, Oilly Wallace and more besides. Miriam Mandipira and Mads Mathias will add extra local talent to this special night.
Radio host from DR P8, Naya Buric and Vice President of Culture in Tivoli, Frederik Wiedemann, will guide the audience through the evening.

Don't forget that the ticket you buy also provides admission to Tivoli.