Mzungu Kichaa

Reggae and Afrobeats

Monday, April 29, 2019

At 19:00

The Orangery

"The crazy white man" is a loose translation of Mzungu Kichaa, and that is exactly what the Tanzanians call Espen Sørensen, who originally hails from Skanderborg in Denmark. He spent much of his childhood living in Africa, where he developed his musical alter ego. Mzungu Kichaa has achieved great success in East Africa with his signature Bongo Flava style, which mixes reggae, rap, Afropop and traditional Tanzanian music. His single Jitolee was a genuine hit, and he has been nominated for a Danish World Music Award for both Best World Album and Best World Track. He will bring with him five Tanzanian musicians to play his "crazy white man's music".