Gurli Octavia

Budding, new folk star

Monday, May 20, 2019

At 19:00

The Orangery

Gurli Octavia has established herself as a convincing songwriter, with a voice that is impossible to shake off once you hear her intense, at times vulnerable, vocals, which encompass a kind of elemental grandiosity.
Her concerts feature everything from passionate songs bubbling over with euphoria to sparse, floaty numbers that raise the hairs on your neck. Her lyrics are playful and adventurous, dealing with topics ranging from life and death to love and justice.

In 2017, Gurli Octavia released two EPs, Philophobia and Lunacy. The latter was, of course, released on a full moon. Her third EP will be released shortly. The single Winter Arrived will soon top 400,000 streams on Spotify. P6 listeners will recognise the single You Lay Low, which has been on frequent rotation on the radio station.