Garden and Flower Festival

Spectacular flowers

Tivoli Gardens will blossom with brightly coloured botanical masterpieces, as artists share their interpretations of plants in transformation and new forms of flowers.  

  • Multi-artist Signe Kejlbo creates botanical artworks from pressed flowers  
  • Nicolai Bergmann exhibits Japanese-inspired flower art  
  • Fermé hosts a live wood-carving event 
  • Sandra Gutkin will create a magical flower sky on the Tivoli Bridge  
  • Artist Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen transforms tissue paper into an enchanting enveloping flower universes 
  • Johnny Haugaard will build an adventurous labyrinthine installation together with volunteers from near and far 
  • Birthe Hyldborg shows magical mosaics

So, don’t miss the flower show at the Open-Air Stage, where the nation’s best florists will compete in the great Garden & Flower Festival in Tivoli Gardens.

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