Rasmus Klumps World

Rasmus Klumps World

At Rasmus Klumps World you are challenged to have an adventure! Pingonesia, play islands and tubes to crawl through lie side by side, and you can also submerge yourself in the fantasy world in a mini submarine.

Rasmus Klumps World is a play world for children of all ages. A children's oasis in the middle of the Gardens, which is free for our guests, and where you can bring your own food, while the kids fool around.

In total there are 40 different activities in the 1300 m2 large area, which is divided into two sections: one for very young children, where you land softly if you should fall on the tail, and an area for older children, who aren't afraid to be challenged.

Rasmus Klumps old ship, Mary, is located on the back of the 14-meter whale Valde, where you can also buy pancakes and visit our changing station.

You can also take a ride in the Lighthouse, the world's first Petzi themed ride.

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