The Parterre Gardens

One of Tivoli's most unique areas of the Gardens with herbaceous perennials, flowering bushes and bulbs flowering in both the spring and summer.

The Parterre Gardens with it's 22 beds and 32 water basins have long held a position of great importance in Danish garden culture, which is why we chose to bring the gardens back to it's original look in the form of perennials, flowering shrubs and spring flowers, replaced by beautiful Dahlias over the summer. 

The area plan was designed on Tivoli's 100th anniversary in 1943 and underwent a major renovation in 2006 that brought in a more contemporary plant selection with a consistent color scheme, from white to dark / black with a touch of complementary colors in each bed. 

The plant has kept it's original design, and the basins are still the original oak ones. 

Many guests choose the spot to enjoy a quiet moment in the sun, a picnic lunch or just a stroll with family and friends.

Year of construction 1943

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