At CeLuca you'll find all sorts of lovely artistic items.

CeLuca at Tivoli is an excitingly different and dynamic shop for customers of all ages. We have an Eldorado of gardening treats, including funny garden figures and plenty of pretty lanterns. 

CeLuca has everything from trinkets, toys, souvenirs, jewellery and bags to many different wind birds. 

In addition to a wide range of ideal gifts, the shop also has a whole selection devoted to Årsbamsen (Teddy of the Year), Danish-designed teddy bears of the highest quality. A great hit with collectors and tourists, a special first teddy for any newborn or just to celebrate a particular event you're eager to remember. 

Regarding COVID-19

Due to the restrictions imposed by the authorities, we kindly request that our guests observe the obligation to wear face masks at indoor cafés, restaurants, bars and shops.

This means that you must wear a face mask whenever you are walking or standing still in a restaurant, café, bar or shop, or in the Tivoli Food Hall. You are not obliged to wear a face mask while you are sitting down. 

At Tivoli, we do all that we can to ensure a safe experience in the Gardens and at our restaurants and food stands. Further information on the measures we are taking is available here. If you haven't brought a face mask, you can buy one at one of several places in Tivoli, for example at the Box Office or in Little Tivoli.

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