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Tivoli's Christmas stalls

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Handmade jewellery and more.
The smell of roasted almonds…
High quality Christmas decorations.
The best of England
Warm and woolly mittens & hats.
Felt shoes from Clemente are manufactured from wool and are made and sewn by hand.
Delicious and classic fastfood.
We know what you like.
Save the oceans – and buy luxury tote bags with print.
Beautiful and elegantly designed decorations and interior design in high quality.
Have a homemade Danish cookie.
A Danish Christmas treat for you!
No Christmas without churros.
Danish Design Jewelery
Decorated and tastefully arranged in beautiful premises.
Drop by to get inspired..
Nature's own materials..
Stock up your home bar..
A multitude of simple and beautiful ideas.
Lots of Nordic "hygge"
​Snow globes galore.
Reindeer, lamb and sheepskins.
See how a home made cream puff is made.
All kinds of stuff for Christmas.
The Deep - Virtuel Reality
Exclusive chocolate selections