You will be divided into teams of 5-6 participants equipped with a tablet. At the sound of the starter's gun, it's time to work out a strategy for focusing on what you think is fun and what you think you are good at. The contest involves completing 100 exciting missions of various kinds against the clock. There are more tasks than you could ever fit in, so make sure to choose the mission that matches the group's skills best if you want to win!
The missions are designed to encourage teamwork and ensure everyone on the team joins in solving tasks such as:

  • Taking photos of objects, people or places
  • Answering quick facts, questions and riddles
  • Finding chosen destinations and solving missions in the area under time pressure
  • Solving challenging video and sound missions
  • Engaging the help of passers-by and using the town as a game board

Please note that an admission ticket to Tivoli is also required.

There are several strategic aspects involved, and by choosing the path that suits you best, you can beat your opponents. Will you invest your energy in fast simple questions or more challenging questions that score more points? Which missions should you pass on, and which should you choose?

Winning teams usually understand the strength in working together, share the determination to win and creativity, and are generally those who have had most fun together!
We can adjust the game and help you incorporate your own problems and topical challenges. This gets your employees thinking and understanding the message easily while having fun.

Contact us for more information at bookrestaurant@tivoli.dk



CoastZone – Denmark’s largest teambuilding company - and Tivoli have teamed up to offer teambuilding and success experiences. Based on the combination of teamwork and Tivoli's history, two concepts have been specially developed for teambuilding in the Gardens. 

Depending on the concept, the teambuilding lasts from 2 to 4 hours. If you are holding a meeting in Tivoli or elsewhere in Copenhagen, this is the perfect opportunity to incorporate your meeting agenda into the activities while getting to know each other and Tivoli better – or round off your visit to Copenhagen. 
You can look forward to a teambuilding session that combines the best of two worlds.

Read more about the two Tivoli concepts below:



Tivoli's Soul: 
A tablet presents you with tasks that stimulate your imagination and expand your knowledge of Tivoli. The gardens are your game board in this active quiz, which is ideal as a break from a meeting or way to get to know each other better. The activity takes place outside and lasts for 2 hours. 

Tivoli GPS Adventure: 
Explore teamworking across geographical locations with live GPS tracking. Share knowledge, break the codes and help each other reach the checkpoints. The scene is set for a dynamic competition in and around Tivoli as you have fun exploring in the field and back at base. The activity takes place indoors and outside and lasts for 3-4 hours.

Please note that an admission ticket to Tivoli is also required.



Hold your next conference in Tivoli and give your guests a magical experience. Tivoli's conference facilities are open all year, and our 17 venues and halls can accommodate meetings and conferences from 2 to 1,626 participants. 
Now you can combine your conference in Tivoli with a conference dinner in the Circus Building.

Full-day meeting in Tivoli 
Breakfast, sparkling or still mineral water, fruit basket, coffee/tea all day, buffet or 2-course lunch incl. a soft drink as well as an afternoon break with Nimb's homemade snacks.

Dinner in the Circus Building
Book the Circus Building and cloakroom exclusively, including a welcome drink, 3-course menu & 3 glasses of beer/wine/soft drink, coffee, tea and iced water, standard technology package and dinner show. 

Total package price: from DKK 1,699 per person* 
*The price applies with a minimum of 200 up to 1,000 participants, Sunday-Wednesday. Contact us for more information at bookrestaurant@tivoli.dk