Have fun in one of Tivoli's many oases and pay simply and easily with the vouchers we send you before your visit. Cool off with an ice cream, enjoy a stuffed bagel and quench your thirst with beer, wine or a soft drink. The voucher can be used both in Tivoli Food Hall as well as in the rest of the Gardens' restaurants and bars.

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Wine tasting

The wine tasting takes place as a commentary describing the various wines, districts, types of grapes and other fascinating facts. We touch on subjects such as: wine production, storage and harvest yield – a review from grapevine to the finished product, wine. We also look at storage potential as well as wine critics' ratings of the wines served. Last, but not least, we explain the history of the wines' local areas.

Prices: from DKK 195-795 per person. Minimum of 25 persons.

Please note that all wine tastings must be booked in advance.
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The beer tasting comprises 4 x 0.2 cl speciality beers per person.
Choose between the brands Lottrup, Schiøtz or Edelweiss, and after the tasting, you can pick out 0.5 l of your favourite beer. 

Price: DKK 235 per person. 
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Sushi courses

It takes many years to become a fully trained sushi chef, and at LETZ SUSHI, we love to pass on our skills and welcome other people to the wonderful universe of this Japanese art.
We guarantee an entertaining and educational evening with plenty of delicious food. Your powers of concentration will be put to the test and you will have to keep your wits about you when rolling maki and shaping nigiri.
You can choose to eat the menu in our cosy setting afterwards, or have it wrapped up and take it away with you. 

We offer two types of teambuilding courses:


Basic course:
Here, participants learn about the origin and basic techniques of sushi. You work with the basic ingredients and make a minimum of three kinds of maki rolls (small maki, large maki, inside-out) and nigiri.
Duration: approx. 1 ½ hours, minimum number: 4 people.
Price for 4 participants: DKK 3,150.
Price for 10 participants: DKK 5,600.
DKK 525 per additional participant.

Advanced course:
Here, participants learn everything from the basic course as well as fish filleting and preparing sushi rice, and you will have the opportunity to play with ingredients such as masago, tobiko, takuan and unagi. The participants create a menu consisting of large maki, inside-out, topped maki and sizzling nigiri.
Duration: approx. 2 ½ hours, minimum number: 4 people.
Price for 4 participants: DKK 4,050.
Price for 10 participants: DKK 7,500.
DKK 565 per additional participant.

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