1. What is the differnece between a Tivoli Pass, Tivoli Pass Silver, Tivoli Pass Gold or a Tivoli Pass Wild?

    An ordinary Tivoli Pass gives access to the gardens for the pass holder only. The pass is strictly personal and may not be used for access to others.

    A Tivoli Pass Silver allows the pass holder to bring one companion free of charge for one free day. This applies only at the entrance with the pass holder and under condition that the companion is either a business associate, family member, colleague or friend.

    A Tivoli Pass Gold allows the pass holder to bring up to four companions free of charge for one free day. This applies only when the entrance is made simultaneously with the pass holder, and under condition that the companions are either business associates, family members, colleagues or friends of the pass holder.

    A Tivoli Pass Wild gives access and a free Multi-ride ticket to the pass holder when visiting Tivoli (maximum one visit per day, however). The Multi-ride ticket is personal and cannot be resold.

  2. Are Friday Rock concerts and the associated seat reservations included with a Tivoli Pass?

    All Tivoli Passes grant access to the Friday Rock concerts, but Tivoli prioritizes providing a great concert experience. For highly popular concerts, access to the Gardens may be closed earlier in the evening once the desired number of guests has been reached, so a Tivoli Pass do not guarantee entrance during these concerts.

    Please also note that all guests, with or without a Tivoli Pass, are required to reserve a spot for the concert of Medina and the concert of Diana Ross. The reservation is free but must be presented at the entrance to the concert area.

    To ensure the best concert experience for all guests, we reserve the right to close access to Tivoli once we have reached the desired number of guests.

  3. Is it possible for me and my companions to leave the gardens and return later the same day?

    As a holder of a Tivoli Pass, you can enter and re-enter Tivoli Gardens as you wish as long as Tivoli does not reach its maximum capacity of guests. Companions must obtain a re-entry stamp to re-enter. Re-entry stamps can be obtained at the exit to the Tivoli Food Hall or by contacting Tivoli staff.

    You can also obtain a re-entry stamp and re-enter the same day if you are in the possession of a regular admission ticket. Please note that Tivoli Gardens may close for admission to the Gardens for security reasons in which case re-entry is not guaranteed.

    During major events in the Garden, it is not possible to obtain a re-entry stamp.

  4. How do I complete my Tivoli Pass?

    Your Tivoli Pass is completed by creating a profile at My Tivoli. Please create a password and attach a picture of yourself. You can also complete your Tivoli Card by personally contacting the Tivoli Box Office.

    Follow the link to My Tivoli login