1. Can I obtain a discount if there are fewer than a minimum of 15 students in the group?

    If you are a special class with fewer than 15 students, you are still eligible for a discount.

    Please contact sales@tivoli.dk

  2. How do you purchase access online for school outings with more than 30 people on the website?

    If you need more than 30 tickets, you must make multiple purchases. If you experience that the purchase fails due to an error, you can also split the purchase into several transactions.

  3. Which entrance to Tivoli Gardens should school classes use? Must we enter together as a group?

    Schools can use the main entrance to Tivoli Gardens or the entrance on Bernstoffsgade opposite Copenhagen Central Station.

    School Classes must enter as a group.

  4. Is it possible to rebook or refund group tickets?

    It is not possible to exchange or refund group tickets.

  5. How do we get our Ride Passes?

    Ride Passes must be collected by the teacher from the Tivoli Box Office, after which the teacher is responsible for distributing the Ride Passes to the students. 

  6. Should we wait until 15.00 to upgrade? (From admission stamp to Ride Pass?

    An upgrade can be purchased either at tivoli.dk or directly on the day at the Tivoli Box Office. You can purchase the upgrade right from the moment we open, so you are ready for the whole day.

  7. Can I purchase additional tickets for an already booked school class?

    If you wish to purchase additional tickets for an existing school class booking, please get in touch with sales@tivoli.dk

  8. Can I change the quantity of purchased tickets in a group?

    If more students than expected join the outing, you can contact the Tivoli Box Office to purchase additional tickets.

    We do not refund excess tickets if fewer students join the group than expected. 

  9. Are group tickets valid for a specific day?

    This depends on which group tickets you wish to purchase. 

    Academic Days: Here you choose a specific date.
    Teaching: Here you choose a specific date.
    School groups: Here you do not choose a specific date.
    Group ticket: Here you do not choose a specific date, but you choose between weekdays and weekends.