4th Advent Gift - A trip to the Philippines

  • Hammam with Ayurvedic salt scrub
  • 90-minute Hilot massage
  • Tea indulgence in the Nimb Wellness Relaxation Lounge
  • Nimb slippers and a salt scrub from Nimb Wellness in a presentable gift bag to take home 

Hilot massage pays homage to indigenous Filipino healing traditions and rituals. Ancient therapeutic massage techniques have been merged with the sensuous care of Nimb Wellness, offering enduring benefits for the mind, body and soul. A combination of relaxation and long, deep strokes complemented with therapeutic foot massage using bamboo sticks for balance and to boost the body’s immune system.

Ready for Advent?
Please note that there may be up to 10 days shipping before you receive the gift card. In the meantime, you can print this greeting from Nimb, which you can hand in at the recipient. Print (PDF)

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Worth knowing

The luxury wellness gift can be redeemed during December 2022 and throughout 2023.

The gift card will be send to you within 7 - 10 working days.  Please bring the gift voucher on your visit at Nimb.
The bar codes in this e-mail is not valid in connection with gift vouchers.

Please note that the voucher cannot be reimbursed or exchanged.


  • 4th Advent Gift - A trip to Philippines
    1,900 DKK