Information on updated terms and conditions for Tivoli Passes

Information about updated terms and conditions and price adjustments for Tivoli Passes

Dear Tivoli Pass-holder,

We are writing to inform you about updates and changes regarding your Tivoli Pass with subscription.

Updated Tivoli Pass terms and conditions

The updated subscription terms are available on our website, and the purchase of new Tivoli Passes will as of today be issued in accordance with the updated terms.

Since you already have one or more Tivoli Passes, the updated version of our subscription terms and conditions will take effect 45 days from today. This means that the updated terms apply to your subscription from 20 October 2023. Until this date, the subscription terms that came into force on 30 June 2022 will apply.

You can read the full updated subscription terms and conditions for Tivoli Passes here. In short, the changes concern a clarification of how you as a Tivoli Pass-holder may terminate your subscription (section 2.10.), how Tivoli can adjust prices and update terms (section 2.11.), how you can upgrade your subscription (section 2.12.), as well as minor clarifications and editing corrections.

Upcoming price adjustments

From 11 October 2023 the price for a Tivoli Pass on subscription is adjusted to the following prices:

Tivoli Pass on subscription Previous price New price
Tivoli Pass 379 DKK 399 DKK
Tivoli Silver Pass 729 DKK 779 DKK
Tivoli Gold Pass 1.349 DKK 1.449 DKK
Wild Card 999 DKK 1.099 DKK
Wild Card Mini 499 DKK 549 DKK


Please note that your subscription is prepaid and that the price adjustment in your case happens the next time your subscription is renewed after 11 October 2023.

What action is needed on my part?

This is the easy part: nothing. Because the updated terms and prices will happen automatically.

The Tivoli Pass terms and conditions will apply to you as an existing Tivoli Pass-holder from 20 October 2023. Therefore, you do not have to do anything to continue your Tivoli Pass on subscription.

If you do not wish to accept the new subscription terms, you have the option of terminating your subscription before the new terms and conditions take effect. If you do not wish to continue your subscription, your Tivoli Pass must be terminated in writing by sending an email to

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the price adjustments or the updated terms, please contact us via

Kind regards,


Published on 5 September 2023