Information on updated membership terms and conditions for Tivoli Passes

Published 14 January 2021 

Dear passholder, 

We are writing to inform you that we have updated our Tivoli Pass membership terms and conditions.  

We are making these updates to clarify the terms and conditions of our Tivoli Passes and ensure that you can still understand them. 

The updated membership terms and conditions are available on our website, and new Tivoli Passes purchased from today will be in accordance with the updated terms and conditions. 

What does this mean for you?  
As you already have one or more Tivoli Pass subscriptions, the updated version of the membership terms and conditions will only take effect for you in six months' time, on 1 August 2021. Until this date, the membership terms and conditions that applied when you bought the Pass will continue to apply.  

What should I do?  
You do not need to do anything, as the updated membership terms and conditions will take effect for you as an existing passholder on 1 August 2021. However, we remind you that the updated terms and conditions apply to your membership after that date. If you do not agree to the new membership terms and conditions, you may cancel your membership before the new terms and conditions take effect. If you do not wish to continue your membership, your Tivoli Pass subscription must be cancelled online via My Tivoli or in writing by e-mailing  

You can read the updated terms and conditions for the Tivoli Pass in full here. In brief, the changes concern the following points:   

  • As a member, you are guaranteed at least 200 opening days per calendar year. See section 1.1

  • You are entitled to compensation if any closure or restriction of access to the Gardens due to official prohibitions or recommendations results in Tivoli opening on fewer than 200 days in the calendar year in question. See section 1.11 

  • Price changes may be implemented no more than once per year and with a maximum increase of 10%. See section 13.1 

We encourage you to read the membership terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you clearly understand what your Tivoli Pass entitles you to, and the terms and conditions that apply in connection with changes relating to your Tivoli Pass. 

Thank you for using the Gardens. 

Yours sincerely, 

Tivoli A/S