Information on updated membership terms and conditions for Tivoli Passes

Dear pass-holder,

We are writing to inform you that we have updated our Tivoli Pass terms and conditions. 

These updates have been made to clarify the terms of our Tivoli Passes and to ensure that these terms remain easy to understand. 

The updated subscription terms are available on our website, and the purchase of new Tivoli Passes will as of today be issued in accordance with the updated terms. 

When do the new terms apply? 
Since you already have one or more Tivoli Passes, the updated version of our subscription terms and conditions will take effect 45 days from today. This means that the updated terms apply to your subscription from 15 August 2022. Until this date, the subscription terms that came into force on 1 August 2021 will apply.

What action is needed? 
You are not required to take any action since the current terms and conditions of your subscription will be valid until the new terms take effect on 15 August 2022. However, we kindly remind you that the updated terms will apply to your subscription after this date. If you do not wish to accept the new subscription terms, you have the option of terminating your subscription before the new terms and conditions take effect. If you do not wish to continue your subscription, your Tivoli Pass must be terminated either online via the My Tivoli webpage or in writing by sending an email to

You can read the full updated subscription terms and conditions for Tivoli Passes here. In short, the changes concern the following:

  • Tivoli Gardens clarifies the following: 
  • That Tivoli Gardens may restrict access to the Gardens by requiring visitors to pre-book admission. See section 1.10. 
  • That Tivoli Gardens can make changes to the existing music programme. See section 1.11.
  • That sections of the concert areas can be reserved for special events and concepts for which admission may be charged. See section 1.12.
  • That Tivoli Gardens may cancel a Tivoli Pass subscription, e.g. as the result of general termination of a type of subscription or Tivoli Pass. See section 2.11.3.

  • That Tivoli Gardens has the right to introduce a fee for special services. See section 2.11.1.

  • Minor clarifications and editing corrections

We encourage you to read the subscription terms and conditions thoroughly so to familiarise yourself with what your Tivoli Pass grants access to and what changes apply to the terms and conditions of your Tivoli Pass.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Tivoli Gardens again and wish you a wonderful summer.


Yours truly,

Tivoli A/S

Published 30 June 2022