Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tivoli world-first with new ride

Tivoli is set to present a world-first with a spectacular new ride at the opening of its 2016 summer season. Huss Park Attractions the German amusement ride engineers, created the Fatamorgana ride in association with the Tivoli design department. The 3-in-1 tower caters for kiddies, tweenies and hardcore thrillseekers all in one. Tivoli is investing millions in the ride, a giant towering at 45 metres.

The historic Tivoli amusement park in the heart of Copenhagen may have clocked up 172 years, but it is still evolving. In 2016, the 5,000 m2 amusements area the Orient will gain a new landmark; the 45-metre Fatamorgana tower. Fatamorgana will be joining Vertigo, the Golden Tower, the Demon and the Monsoon to ensure that the Orient maintains its reputation as Tivoli's ultimate-thrill zone.  

3-in-1 ride

The new Fatamorgana ride is based on the HUSS® factory's Condor 2G (2nd generation). Tivoli's in-house designers have added on a kiddie ride at the base of Fatamorgana in the shape of mini bumper cars. Older children and adults ascend the tower at two speeds; on the fastest ride, the passengers are seated back-to-back in a circle and slung around at a dizzying pace. On the more moderate ride, seating is in the direction of travel and the ride is at a more sedate pace, allowing the passengers to appreciate the view of Copenhagen's streets from 30 metres up. True to Tivoli tradition, the in-house designers styled Fatamorgana to match the Gardens' distinctive visual features. The final drawings will be unveiled at a later date.  

Lars Liebst, Tivoli’s CEO, says: “Some of Denmark's busiest streets pass Tivoli; space is limited, so we have to think out of the box. With Fatamorgana, the HUSS® factory and our in-house designers have created a ride that gives us three new attractions in one, allowing us to achieve the vital development we need as an amusement park if we are to continue to attract Danish and international visitors.”  

CEO Mirko J. Schulze of HUSS® in Bremen, Germany, recounts his version: “Tivoli set us the challenge of combining our popular Condor 2G with a more moderate ride and a kiddie ride. At Huss Park Attractions we are aware of Tivoli’s space issues and our engineers have found it an intriguing assignment. We feel honoured to become part of the famous Tivoli Gardens and are looking forward to seeing Fatamorgana in operation from April 2016.”  

News rouses enthusiasm abroad Justin Garvanovic, President of the European Coaster Club, commented: ”Tivoli Gardens is famous the world over for being more than just a park, it is a destination. It is somewhere that families can visit together, as they have been doing for many generations. As someone from the UK, I am extremely jealous of Denmark for Tivoli Gardens, but it is also why Tivoli Gardens is my favourite park in the world. The new attraction carries on this tradition, appealing to all ages, and is sure to be another success for a park that thrives on tradition.”  


The Fatamorgana ride will form part of the oriental area covering just under 5,000 m2, which also features Vertigo, the Golden Tower, the Demon and the Monsoon.    

Engineering & Fabrication: Huss Park Attractions GmbH, Bremen, Germany, 

Type: Condor 2G featuring original Tivoli design/Jonathan Gress Wright and Will Gurley, Tivoli Design Office.

Capacity, total: 900 passengers/hour

Height, total: 45 m Height, gondolas: 30 m

G-force, thrill-ride: 2.5 G

Investment: DKK 50 million in the entire area  

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