Balletuddannelse med HF 

Tivoli Ballet School's Pre-Professional Programme in collaboration with Tivoli Ballet Theatre and HF-Center Efterslægten allows the student to study academics while training 25 hrs. a week with Danish and international teachers. The students are being challenged by choreographers, creating their own choreography and gathering stage experience on the many stages of Tivoli Gardens including taking part in Tivoli Ballet Theatre productions. 
The program is centered around classical Ballet with pointe work, partnering and repertoire as key elements. The students will also work on contemporary, lyrical jazz, choreography composition and Tivoli Ballet Theatre's own Pantomime tradition during the year. Supplementary training includes ballet appropriate strength condition, where the students will receive general as well as personal training protocols, and coaching on mental strategies by sports mental performance coach.

For more information about the program, go to tiovli.klub-modul.