- one of the most popular youth musicals ever!

When DIRTY DANCING - THE MUSICAL for the first time ever will be staged in Denmark, it will feature an all-star team consisting of Silas Holst, Mathilde Norholt, Sigurd Holmen Le Dous, Karina Frimodt, Laura Drasbæk, Kirsten Norholt, Claus Bue, James Sampson, Line Krogholm and many more - a cast of 30 and large orchestra .

The musical has established itself as a viable long-term global phenomenon that has been staged successfully around the world. Now, The One and Only Company and Tivoli have secured the rights to stage it in Denmark - a real scoop.

Playing now at the Tivoli Concert Hall. Last day 30th of April 2015

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Written by Eleanor Bergstein

Date and time

Tivoli's Concert Hall

Period 26 feb -  25 apr 2015

Event already took place